Customer Management/CRM


Having your customer’s information at your fingertips can be very powerful! It empowers your employees to be more responsive to customers’ needs, which greatly improves customer service!

With ASPEN’s powerful contact management and CRM tools, you can segment your customers to market to them by type, warranty expiration, last service date, type of equipment owned, etc., or create your own scenarios to pinpoint customers by their sales history by department. For example, you can find out which customers have purchased units but not parts or service from you, and reach out to them with a targeted promotion.


After targeting your desired customers, with just a few mouse clicks, market to them via e-mail or create internal follow-up tasks right from the ASPEN screen, or use the generated lists outside of ASPEN to send direct mail.  Another way to serve your customers better using ASPEN is to filter your completed work orders or sort equipment pickups by zone, and create a call list or an email to notify these customers of scheduled deliveries or pickups.

However you reach out to your customers using ASPEN, all your communications are logged onto the selected customers’ records to build a history of all contact with them.

Learn more about how using a CRM can benefit your business and improve your processes.  Charter Software offers a free, downloadable guide book of how to connect all your dealership’s departments using a CRM.


An equipment sale can be like a fruit tree that bears future fruit (parts and service) for several years until the customer purchases their next piece of equipment. Your service sales also support the parts department, so making sure you maximize service sales is important to the long-term health of your business. Ensuring that your parts department employees know the equipment well enough to sell and suggest the proper parts will make it easier for your customers to maintain their equipment easier.

In this article, rather than revisiting how to increase margins on equipment and parts, Jeff Sheets, founder and owner of OPE Consulting Services, encourages dealers to push the envelope on how they relate to their customers to make them want to come back again and again. Sheets says, “You not only need to care about customers today when selling them your product, but you also want to be there for your customers for their future needs, too. That is a foundation to build a great business on.”

Follow Sheet’s “SELL” acronym to ensure you are doing everything possible to capture sales in every department, not just equipment sales.


Are you tracking your P&S with a DMS? Adhering to your SOPs using your CRM?


Love them or loathe them, acronyms are everywhere, and these are important ones that savvy equipment dealers should be familiar with.

These 11 acronyms were reviewed in a special workshop session presented by Channel Masters’ Tom Owen at the Farm Equipment Magazine’s 2015 Dealership Minds Summit.

First, review the list to make sure that you have the tools or resource that the acronym stands for, then take note of Owen’s advice on how to use it.

Don’t have a DMS or a DMS with a built-in, integrated CRM? We can help! Take a look at the CRM capabilities of the ASPEN dealership management system (DMS).

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