Submitted by  aaronadams on March 17th, 2015

View work orders from the Technician Availability screen by clicking on the Work Order number.

Additional links were also added to Work Orders and Rental invoices to indicate if any of the following items need to be updated on the work order: ‘Check Part Serial No’s’, ‘Too many items on the invoice’, and ‘Add received parts to work order.’To find out more about ASPEN, please phone 303.932.6875 (option 8 for sales)


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To find out more about ASPEN, please phone 303.932.6875 (option 8 for sales)

Existing ASPEN users: Please contact Technical Support or see the ASPEN WIki for questions or more information.

ASPEN’S Technician Availability Calendar is a Timesaver for the Service Department!

Submitted by  aaronadams on January 5th, 2015

Tech Calendar

  • Use flat rate or estimated time on the work order segment to impact technician availability
  • Assign technicians to work order segments based on priority and their availability
  • Use the calendar to quickly re-assign jobs based on tech availability
  • Giving customers more accurate estimates on how soon you can provide service
  • Use “start after” date to push jobs out when waiting for parts, etc.
  • Jobs populate calendar according to priority set on work order




Manage your Service Department Directly from the ASPEN Dashboard!

Submitted by  aaronadams on January 1st, 2015

Service Managers-view and manage your work orders directly from your customized dashboard in the ASPEN business management system. A high-level, real-time visual overview of Open Work Orders,  upon logging into the business system allows the Service Manager to access the work orders he or she wishes to view simply by clicking on them. The graph can be set to auto-refresh throughout the day, so that up-to-the minute information is always displayed.

This ability to drill directly to detailed reports or system records related to the information displayed keeps the Service Manager on top of important operations—without needing to run a report!

For more information on ASPEN, please click here to contact us.