ASPEN’s accounting features a fully customization chart of accounts and fiscal years. Transactions from other components create journal entries, keeping subsidiary ledgers in balance with the General Ledger. Unlimited control accounts in accounts receivable and accounts payable.

Financials, statement printing and check printing are easy to run.

The ASPEN Accounting system includes:

  • General Ledger
  • Payable
  • Receivables
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Integrated Payroll



Customer Credit Vision is a new selection screen in ASPEN for credit analysis and credit references. Use this Vision screen to search for and filter customers by who is on or not on credit hold, and view customer data and receivable statistics on those customers in the selection results.
See which groups of customers are carrying a high balance and control the number of days they can be past due prior to being put on credit hold.


ASPEN has the capability to handle your payroll, one of the most important administrative functions in a dealership.

Export payroll hours into an external payroll program using ASPEN’s Generic GL Export Wizard.

Import payroll records into ASPEN’s General Ledger using ASPEN’s Generic GL Import Wizard.

PENSOFT Payroll Professional: Interfaces with ASPEN and generates many reports:

  • Pay date reports
  • Tax reports
  • Summaries
  • Management Reports
  • Leave Reports
  • New Hire Reports
  • Employee Status and Setup Reports
  • Company Lists
  • User-defined reports





ASPEN has the capability to handle your payroll, one of the most important administrative functions in a dealership. We have a long-standing partnership of more than 20 years with PenSoft, a trusted expert in payroll software.
PenSoft Payroll Professional* is an optional ASPEN module for US dealers to integrate their payroll processes with ASPEN. PenSoft generates the most comprehensive reports of any payroll software on the market for small to mid-size businesses, and also provides additional modules for other human resource functions.
As an option for Canadian dealerships or dealers who choose to use their own payroll system, ASPEN provides a Generic Hours Export function that allows you to export your employees labor records into a format importable into your payroll program.
ASPEN automatically computes payroll ASPEN’s time clock hours can be exported to PenSoft Payroll Professional or into a generic export format using the Generic Hours Export function to create payroll records for your hourly employees. Payroll records can be imported from PenSoft or from a generic format using ASPEN’s Generic GL Import Wizard with a few mouse clicks.


About PenSoft Payroll Professional
  • Can complete most payrolls in as little as 15 minutes, significantly reducing processing time and costs. Computes federal, state and local taxes; annual, sick and personal time; earned income credit; 401k and cafeteria plans; disability and unemployment insurance.
  • Computes any combination of pre-defined and/or user-defined wages, salaries, tips, bonuses, commissions and pieces.
  • Records and applies multiple standard, variable, and user-defined deductions.
  • Computes all payroll frequencies including after-the-fact payroll.
  • Ensures compliance with all local, state, federal, and territorial tax and wage requirements, avoiding costly penalties and corrections. PenSoft Payroll comes with preset federal and state tax rates to automatically calculate your payroll.
  • Prints directly on Forms W-2, 940, 941, and 944. Prints Forms W-2, W-3, 940-944, and many state forms on plain paper.
  • Internal tax tables are maintained and updated throughout the year to ensure accurate payroll processing.
  • Magnetic Media W-2s generate magnetic media W-2 file for submission to the Social Security Administration; prints W-2s in 4-up format
  • Automatic Check Printing: prints checks automatically on standard check formats.
  • Direct Deposit: generates direct deposit file for submission to the Federal Reserve, saving the cost of processing.
  • Extras include time calculator, backup and help file.

View/Download PenSoft Information Sheet

*Available to US dealers only. Annual subscription fee applies. 



  • Review trends and profits with comparative Income Statement and Balance sheets.
  • Stay on top of customer receivables: APSN’s open item receivable system allows you to provide best customer service, shows amounts owed by customers.
  • Avoid the credit and collections mess: Temporarily suspend customer credit, or set limits to prevent customers from charging more than authorized. Track collection calls using ASPEN’s powerful CRM told.
  • View aging reports via dashboard “widgets” that are refreshed throughout the day. Drill to detailed report right from the graphs!
  • Use ASPEN’s Customer Credit Vision to determine your credit-worthy customers.