Mobile Access


Mobile devices can be invaluable tools all dealership staff to access information from wherever they may be, at any time. Using A.I.M., ASPEN’s mobile tool, your staff can be free from the restraints of a computer to be able look up information as well as perform specific functions anytime, anywhere, using their mobile device.


  • Quickly access and log new customer information, invoice and communications history, and manage customer contact entries from a smart phone or tablet.
  • Link to a map of customer location, email them directly from their contact screen, and from a mobile phone, dial right from the displayed linked phone number for simple and quick on-the-go calls.
  • Sales staff can make inquiries about units from their phone or tablet to view unit options, comments, meters, attachments, rental rates and unit stock status whenever they are away from their desk—on the lot, in the showroom, or after hours.
  • Sales can create invoices from the field and log their visits, making this information readily accessible for those in the dealership.
  • Mobile service techs can use their mobile phone or tablet to log onto work orders, access information about equipment they are servicing, apply parts to a work order, requisition parts for service trucks as well as report on parts and labor sold off the trucks. (in conjunction with ASPEN’s ASL tool.)
  • Managers and dealer principals enjoy the freedom to remotely access their business system dashboard when off-site for a high-level, real-time visual overview of on what’s happening at the dealership.
  • Parts staff can check parts availability and view general information, and create lists of parts and units from the mobile device for use on invoices, work orders or rental contracts

“Leveraging mobile technology is an important part of modern business. It can be a challenge to implement successfully, but it can also be an opportunity to increase the productivity and satisfaction of your workforce.”

-Ben Shapiro, Segue Technologies

Watch the video below to hear real world examples of how our customers are using A.I.M.

For more information, and to download our Guide to Managing Remotely, click here.